These blog posts are the accumulation and arrangement of my learning and application in VPN and Socks proxy construction in recent years, and are only for beginners' reference. All the content was published after actual testing confirmed that there were no problems. The purpose is to provide a shortcut for netizens with little foundation, and you can quickly succeed by doing so.

The full name of VPN is Virtual Private Network. Strictly speaking, it is not a proxy, but a channel. Its function is to establish a private network on a public network and perform encrypted communication. All applications go this way. . The main function of VPN is not to circumvent the GFW, but it can achieve the purpose of that.

Socks (socket security) is a network proxy protocol based on the transport layer. It can adapt to various TCP/IP-based application layer protocols. It can faithfully forward the client-server communication packet and complete the function of the protocol. The current protocol is v5, so it is called Scoks5 protocol. Socks proxy is much faster than other application layer proxies.

The tutorial provided on this site is divided into three parts:

1. Basic part: self-built proxy preparation and basic operation of Bitvise SSH client. After registering a VPS account and deploying the linux system, how to connect to the remote host and modify the SSH settings and set up the firewall. This is a necessary process to improve the security of the remote host and avoid network attacks and becoming a broiler.

2. VPN part: Two VPN softwares, SoftetherVPN and WireGuard, both server and client have detailed steps and pictures. In the WireGuard server tutorial , one-click installation is adopted , and the process is very simple.

3. Scoks5 proxy part: one simple and one complex. The simplest socks5 proxy is actually to modify the SSH settings of a remote host; although the V2Ray super proxy steps are a bit tedious, it can create a very powerful scoks5 proxy.

The advantage of self-built proxy is that it is safe to use and can be used stably for a long time. It is said that some branded VPN providers have a red background, and your circumvention of the GFW will be monitored by it, so you have to guard against it.

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