Bitvise SSH Client

Bitvise SSH client (for windows) software download:

Or download here:

1. Install the software:

Tick the red ellipse in the figure above.

Click the button in the red oval circle above to start installation.

Click "OK" in the above picture to complete the installation.

2. Use Bitvise SSH Client to log in the remote host: launch the software

The above picture is the Login interface, Host fills in the domain name or IP of the remote host; Username fills in root; Port fills in 22 or your modified port; Initial Methed selects Password (if you log in with a publickey, select it). Enable obfuscation and the Obfuscation keyword below it generally do not need to be filled in unless related settings are made on the remote host.

After Initial Methed select Password, a password input box and two options will appear; tick the red box below to save it. Finally, click the "Login" button at the bottom of the interface to log in to the remote host.

The window that pops up during the remote connection:

As shown above, click "Accept and Save" to log in to the remote host.

By default, the sftp channel will pop up:

By default, the remote terminal will open: