Freenom free domain

The freenom free domain application process is simple, and the free domain can be used up to 12 months.But there are two things to note: Freenom's registration rule is that a user IP can only register for one account, if you register two, it will be invalid; If you register for one account through a proxy server , you may fail.

The following is the free domain name application process (you can apply for a domain name first, then register an account):


The picture above is the homepage. In the middle "Find a new FREE domain" text box, enter the first segment of the domain name you want, for example: "vpn6", and then click "Check Availability":

As shown in the picture above, you can see several free domain names with suffixes of .tk .ml .ga .cf, we can choose any of them, for example, select "", and then click "Get it now", it will automatically turn green "Selected":

Then click "Checkout" to jump to the next page:

Adjust the free period from the default 3 months to 12 months:

The next thing to do DNS settings is to point the domain name to where, click "Use DNS", it turns green, and there is an additional box (Use Freenom DNS Service ):

As shown in the figure above, just use this Freenom DNS service. In the two-line "IP address" box, fill in the (VPS) IP address you want to point to, and then click "Continue" to go ahead:

The above picture is the settlement page (0.00USD). If you have not registered an account with freenom, you need to fill in your verification email in the yellow box "Enter Your Email Address"; if you already have a freenom account, click "Click here" in the brown box to log into the account page. Here is a situation where you have not registered an account, so you need to enter the verification email and click "Verify My Email Address":

In the picture above, the verification email should be replaced with your own. After clicking "Verify My Email Address", you will receive an email in your mailbox:

Open the email and click the verification link inside:

In the opened web page, you will be asked to fill in a checklist:

In the registration information list, the telephone column needs to be filled in, but it is not actually used. After filling in, tick the box on the bottom line (I have read and agree...), and then click "Complete Order" to complete the process of applying for a domain name and registering an account.

The domain name and status can be seen after logging into your account, click "Services", and click "My Domains" in the drop-down menu:

The above is an example of application for freenom free domain name. If you want to use a paid domain name, the following websites are recommended: There are often discounts, Chinese interface, stability, free domain name privacy protection Low discount, moderate price, stable, free domain name privacy protection Low discount, moderate price, stable, free domain name privacy protection