SoftetherVPN has a clone-function of Microsoft's SSTP VPN server , so the built-in SSTP VPN client of Windows system can be used to establish a remote-access VPN . The remote port is TCP 443, just like visiting an SSL website. The following article uses Windows 10 system as an example to introduce the application method.

1. Import the root CA certificate locally

SoftetherVPN ServerThe "ServerCertGet ~/cert.cer" command on the page will generate the certificate file cert.cer in the /root directory. Download it to the local computer using Bitvise SSH Client's sftp:

Right-click the Microsoft icon in the lower left corner of the computer, select "Run" in the pop-up menu, enter mmc, and press Enter:

Click "File" and select "Add/Remove Management Unit (M)" from the drop-down menu, and a new interface will pop up:

Click "Certificate"-"Add", in the pop-up interface, select "Computer Account"-"Next":

Right-click on "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and select All Tasks> Import

The process of importing the root CA certificate is complete.

2. Set up the client: